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Butter.ai is the smart, secure way for your teammates to search across work apps. That way, you're not the only one with all the answers.

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IT & Office Management

Project Management

Campaigns and content, all in one place.

Give your team control over all marketing assets, even outdated files, by connecting your existing work apps. With your marketing assets in once place, your team will have the most up-to-date information.

lisa avatar
Tesla case study from last month in Dropbox
Butter avatar
Here’s what I found
Case Study - Tesla.pptx
Edited last month

Power your sales with the best information.

Get instant access to knowledge and stay in alignment with your organization.

carlos avatar
Where are the Oracle product demo notes?
Butter avatar
I found this…
Oracle 12/1/17
In Product Demo folder

Knowledge is power. Share it with your users.

Get the best answers automatically so you’ll never have to edit a wiki again.

jessica avatar
How do I reset a user's password?
Butter avatar
Here you go…
Password Recovery
In “Product Support” notebook

Focus on people and let us handle the documents.

People rely on you for work and life, so we organize your work life, one document at a time.

raku avatar
Where's the job description for senior software engineers?
Butter avatar
Here’s what I found
Software Engineer III
Shared in “Recruiting” channel

Help your team help themselves.

Let your teammates skip the wiki and go straight to the source. Butter.ai let’s them find answers right in the documentation.

tipu avatar
When can I upgrade my cell phone?
Butter avatar
Found it…
Phone upgrade policy.docx
In “Upgrades/Hardware” folder

Requirements, documentation and feedback all in one.

Keep your team aligned by letting them find project plans, requirements and customer feedback no matter what tools they use.

gabe avatar
Project Jam product requirements in Confluence
Butter avatar
This looks like a good match
Product Requirements - Jam
PM Space | Edited yesterday

Find what you’re looking for, without leaving Slack.

Get personalized results

Get personalized results

lisa avatar
Hey @butter.ai, what’s our vacation policy?
Butter avatar
Here’s what I found
Vacation Policy - Summer 2016
Dropbox IconEmployees receive 18 days of PTO per year…
I also found a better result from another team member. Should I request access for you?
Get personalized results
Better answers from team members

Better answers from team members

Butter avatar
Hi Kris, @mel is looking for the latest vacation policy. Your version is a great match. Is it ok if I give access to @mel?
carlos avatar
Yup, give access to @mel
Butter avatar
@kris said it was OK to share this with you.
Official Vacation Policy 2017
Dropbox IconEmployees are granted unlimited PTO…
lisa avatar
Thanks, @butter.ai!

Simple and easy to use. See for yourself.

Privacy is our main ingredient.

Industry standard

Butter.ai is HIPAA compliant, and your data is private.

Confidential conversations

Your team members can’t see what you ask, and no one gets access to your docs unless you share them.

Searchable but private

No humans, on our team or yours, can see the contents of the apps you connect to Butter.ai.

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